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    Re: Great Sporting Moment

    Nick Faldo winning the Open in 1987 with 18 straight pars in horrendous conditions stands out for me I was there.


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      Re: Great Sporting Moment

      Nick Faldo winning the Open at Muirfield in 1987 with 18 straight pars in horrendous conditions, I was there.


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        Re: Great Sporting Moment

        Watching my beloved St George Dragons overcome a determined Balmain Tigers in 1966 to become the most famous world sporting team ever.. winning 11 consecutive premierships in succession.


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          Re: Great Sporting Moment

          Pains me as much to say it - as i detezst Man Utd - them wining the Trebble in 1999 with two goals in the last few mins has to be up there too I think/have to say!



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            As my life tends to revolve around sports I have so many amazing memories. Just a few.

            Arsenal beating the spuds in the 87 League Cup semi-final replay.
            Arsenal winning the title in 89.
            Bergkamp's goal vs Argentina World Cup 98.
            The London Monarchs epic play-off win against the Knights in the 91 World League.
            The London Monarchs winning the World Bowl.
            A brilliant weekend in Frankfurt for the Monarchs first game of the 95 season.
            G.B winning the Men's Olympic Hockey Final in 88.
            The New England Patriots beating the Jags to reach Superbowl 31.
            The New England Patriots winning Superbowl 36.
            NY Jets 19 New England 49. Thanksgiving Day Buttfumble game.
            Yugoslavia 1-4 England. For me, England's best ever performance.
            Germany 1-5 England. Nuff said.
            Alan Shearer scores to put us 1-0 up against Scotland.
            Beating Colombia on penalties.
            World Cup 86 2nd Round Soviet Union 3-4 Belgium. The best game I've ever seen.
            Paul Mariner's goal against Hungary to qualify for the 82 World Cup.
            England 1-0 Germany in Euro 2000.
            Beating Argentina 3-2 with two late Michael Owen goals.
            1987 FA Cup Final.
            2003 Rugby World Cup Final.
            Beating France in the 1991 Rugby World Cup Q/F.
            Just about every win over Australia in Rugby.
            Ireland 6-42 England to clinch the 2003 Grand Slam.
            Ovett beating Coe in the 1980 Olympic 800m.
            Every moment of the 2012 Olympics.

            I'll have to stop there.
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              I remember a couple of lucky times me coming into the house when my dad ,who Always watched sporting events, had something on and commented on its import.
              one was the 2003 rugby final and to see Johnny Wilkinson’s winner
              one was torville and dean winning gold with the bolero routine