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  • WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

    Who's your favourite current wrestling superstars?

    I like HBK, Undertaker, Edge and Triple H. But Jeff Hardy needs a WHC too, since Matt won one at Unfogiven.

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    Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

    Why is this in Sports?? Wrestling is Panto for kids innit?


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      Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

      I haven't watched any WWE for a long, long time although I do try to keep up to date with what has been happening every so often. Favourite WWE superstars at the minute would be Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho (although I absolutely hate his new choice of ring attire!) and The Undertaker.

      I am a huge TNA fan though, went to see them a few months back and it was the greatest night of live wrestling I have ever been to. My favourite TNA stars are Abyss, Kurt Angle, Sting, James Storm, Kevin Nash and the Latin American Xchange.

      Been watching loads of old WCW Nitro shows on Youtube, makes me miss WCW a lot, it was fantastic back in 1996-1999.


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        Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

        gotta be Kendo Nagasaki for me


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          Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

          Mine are Undertaker, Matt & Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, the new guy Evan "Air" Bourne, HHH.
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            Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

            Three events for the price of two in the UK. But you gotta book em' now.


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              Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

              Let's be honest, Sports Entertainment today is good but not as good as back during the Monday night wars.

              I loved WCW the company should never have died, still find myself watching my old Nitro and Thunder episodes as well as the PPV's. Used to love watching Nitro followed by Thunder on TNT (uk) when it time shared with Cartoon Network back in the old analogue days of satellite tv.

              Who were the best performers back then?

              WCW nWo

              Sting Hollywood Hogan
              Flair The Outsiders
              The Steiner Bros

              I remember mark-ing out when Scott Hall invaded Nitro.

              "Hey yo!!!"


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                Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

                My dad likes watching both WWE and TNA. Both are rubbish now. I don't think I have to argue my point, but it's time WWE came up with some really innovative matches and storylines.

                TNA was never my thing. It's all fixed nonsense anyway. But at least WWE has all the star power and they can perform the best promos.

                TNA has a lot of established superstars in their prime, but most are becoming too old to be intimidating. They just get the scraps that WWE throws out. TNA may as well be the new WCW.

                Kevin Nash, wow! Sting? Okay. He's a great wrestler, and the fans get behind him. But Kurt Angle's become TNA's new lap dog. Why do I say that? Because they gave him the world title when he signed on teh dotted line. Apparently, he asked to be let go from WWE because they were too considerate, and TNA has not got a wellness policy.


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                  Re: WWF/E ** TNA ** ROH** ECW ** Japan ** Etc

                  I've been on a bit of a wrestling kick recently if I'm honest, watched the new Eddie Guerrero DVD and it actually made me sad how this great wrestler is no longer with us . The other thing it made me realise is how great the WCW cruiserweight division was back in the day with guys like Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, Juventud Guerrera and Chavo Guerrero. It's sad that we can't get these types of cruiserweight matches going on in WWE but I must admit that I'm really getting interested in the WWE product again. I'm looing forward to Wrestlemania in a huge way and the whole Randy Orton storyline is looking good.