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Identify particular JVC video recorder.

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  • Identify particular JVC video recorder.

    Hi, I'm trying to remember a particular model of JVC video recorder that my friends family had back in the day.

    This was probably around 1984. It was a toploader and the thing that might identify it was the buttons on the machine itself. The buttons were actually in the shape of their function. So the 'play button' was a big triangle, 'stop' a square, 'record' a circle etc and they were all brightly and differently coloured.

    I thought it'd be easy to google but I've found no matches so far. Also (not that it helps but) I could have sworn I saw it in one used in the police rooms of one the Lethal Weapon movies.

    Maybe it might ring a bell for someone. Thanks.

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    Re: Identify particular JVC video recorder.

    Sorry for bumping this old thread but I think I found an example of the VCR I was talking about. At the very least it would give you a precise idea what the unusual buttons were like.

    (i still don't know what it's called tho so any help gratefully received!).

    Check this video

    You can see it behind Noddy Holder right at the start of the clip.


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      Re: Identify particular JVC video recorder.