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  • Video Disc Players CED

    Remember how cool the RCA CED video disc players were when
    they came out in the late 70's, early 80s? I recently purchased
    a working player and several discs from ebay and watched a few
    movies. The best part (or most annoying) was flipping the movie over
    when it was half done. It was like a built in intermission to grab
    more popcorn!

    "no man is a failure, who has friends."
    "no man is a failure, who has friends."

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    I just watched Close Encounters on one of those a month or so ago. We found it in the basement and thought it would be fun to spark it back to life.

    Then we hokked the DVD deck up again


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      My dad won one in a Raffle, but the only disc's we had or could get were Time Bandits and The Howling