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    In the 70's as a teenager I worked on a friend's farm in Hesketh Bank in Lancashire

    On farms & any private land not accessible to the public you can drive a tractor for example at any age legally. Nowadays even though it is still legal to drive any age on private land you have the HSE to contend with what with all the safety legislation

    I used to wash coaches when I was fourteen for the company who had our school contract, every Sunday for a fiver. One Sunday the owner & the other staff went to the pub for lunch. Before he left the manager asked me to wash & hoover the double decker coach which they had only received on brand new plates from Scania the week before. After they had left I thought "Sod if I'm going to wash it on ladders" so I got the keys from the office and drove it through the bus wash leaving it to be washed while I hovered the inside. Afterwards I reversed the coach back into the parking bay just as I had found it. I returned the keys to the hook in the office.

    When they returned they saw I had washed & hovered the coach already. They congratulated me for doing it so quickly

    If I hadn't have told them they would have never known I had driven it through the bus wash but I told them all the same

    They checked the coach for scratches & dents but found none. Totally surprised they said for me to come back to them when I'm 21 for a job & they would put me through the bus test. Meanwhile I carried on washing buses every Sunday using the bus wash with permission
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    Do you really believe the other side without provocation would launch so many ICBM's, subs and ships knowing that we would have no option to launch as well? It would break our MAD Treaty (Mutually Assured Destruction) not to mention the end of the world as we know it.