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  • Coming Soon - Obsession FM

    Hey guys,

    I have decided to start my own Online Radio station dedicted to the 80's (with some 70's & 90's stuff thrown in for good measure).

    The music policy will simply be hits & tunes of the 80's with the finest pop anthems and forgotten gems that we all know and love, as well as some of the more obscure tracks thats were cult hits, or big in the discos of the 80's.

    At the moment its called Obsession FM, but i have also been toying with the idea of calling my station Glitter FM, but if anyone else has a suggestion for a name which says 80's music then please feel free to let me know. All will be considered.
    I shall be setting up a special email address soon, for the station and you can email requests for tracks you wanna hear.

    The web site is still in the very early stages and will be getting built over the forthcoming weeks but i hope to have a launch date for the station on Mon 2nd October 2006 ( all being well).

    At first the station will be on air for 2/3 nights at a time, (maybe Mondays, Tues & Wed's from 7.30pm - 10pm but i havent decided yet) with special shows as and when i can get the time. As time progresses i hope to recruit 1 or 2 more DJ's to have shows of their own and hopefully have a schedule for all 7 nights of the week.

    Im really excited about this project as although there are 1 or 2 online stations playing 80's tunes, (like KayFM, and PWL Radio which is off air at the moment) there isnt really any good ones from the UK and so i hope to change all that.

    So, watch this space for updates peeps as Obsession FM will be hitting the airwaves soon.

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    Good luck with it Johnny, let us know when we can tune in!


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      Looking forward to it Johnny ( assuming we can get it over here ) !
      Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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        can't wait for the launch - maybe you'll offer me a job as DJ?
        No man is worth your tears - and the one who is wont make you cry!


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          oohh sounds good Cant wait!
          Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional


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            the staion will be online only and will be heard all over the world.

            Thanks for the support guys - i cant wait myself
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     is now up & running

              Check out the site for details for the Radio station Launch and leave a wee message in the guestbook


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                Guys, the website has been updated and know has an Official Obsession FM Forum and a few other bits & pieces.

                We are also doing some test broadcasts for the Radio Station as well.


                Johnny (Obsession FM)


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                  I shall go check it out
                  Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional


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                    Obsession FM Launches this Mon

                    Obsession FM 80's Online Radio will launch this Monday 19th September 2006 @ 8pm.

                    At long last the Station is ready to go on air and i cant wait.

                    Hope to see you all there for some great 80's music & memories


                    Join the forum as well.

                    Thanks to for fantastic support to Obsession FM

                    Let the fun begin!!



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                      Remember folks,

                      Obsession FM is on air tomorrow night (Monday) from 7pm.
                      An hours mix of 80's tunes to start with , then myself "live"
                      from 8pm with the "Obsession Classix Show"

             is the site address

                      studio@obsessionfm.comn for those shouts & requests