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Liam neeson racist?

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  • Liam neeson racist?

    Liam neeson has been branded a racist after comments made during a interview in which he spoke about going out at night with a cosh to kill some "black *******" following an attack on a friend. Neeson explained that it was a long time ago and he deeply regretted his actions but is this excusable given his frame of mind at the time? surely even considering attacking a random black man for the appalling actions of another is never excusable. You might admire his honesty but would he have been wiser keeping this to himself or was it a form of self cleansing? he is ofcourse a catholic and may of been carrying this torment around for years. I suspect this will be very damaging to his career as we saw with Mel gibson following his fall from grace, shame i always kinda liked him.
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    Re: Liam neeson racist?

    I don't think he was carrying any torment around, as he said that he went to a priest to confess shortly afterwards. Racist? I dunno. Stupid? Definitely! Why bring this up now? Because he made yet another "revenge" flick? Why not say something after Taken 1 came out? I think this was a way to get publicity for a lame movie with an aging actor which went tit5-up! A 66 year old man still making action movies killing all and sundry in his path? So tedious! Not something I want to see either. I don't think his career will be damaged at all by this. Just look at Mel Gibson, who has said much worse things, and is STILL making movies. I'm so glad that I don't own any of them. And I do not watch any film with Mr Gibson in anymore...


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      Re: Liam neeson racist?

      I bet the people who racist's direct their racism at, aren't offended or anything like that

      It's the do gooders that object

      The recipients probably just think racists are assholes
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        Liam neeson racist

        in that case Ill go to his party just for the cake but leave right after I have ate it. Ill act like Im not having any fun at all even if I am. ;-)