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  • masterchef

    Just came across masterchef the professionals on telly and started watching it (not sure why) in these days of poverty and foodbanks there is something distasteful about that pompus twerp Greg wallace moaning about how the sweetness of the pineapple diden't sit well with the tart of the lemon coulee, how the fillet mignon had been overcooked by 10 seconds and was therefore inedible. Who remembers Fanny?
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    Re: masterchef

    Fanny Cradock was before my time and so the only time I saw her on TV was on clip shows or documentaries.

    MasterChef isn't the same show as it was when Loyd Grossman hosted it - I don't think we wouldn't have had his brand of sauces on supermarket shelves if it wasn't for MasterChef, (and we wouldn't had that botulism scare a few years back either). It did make a change from Grossman explore celebrity houses in the early 1990s.
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