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  • Too cool...

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit the forum in a couple of weeks due to work demands, but whattya know.. I get an email telling me I've won a T-shirt from here. That's real nice you guys.

    I would just like to say thanks ever so much, it's a nice t-shirt as it happens, and once again congratulate you on a superb site.

    So.. When I finally get some spare time I'm going to leave lots of quality descriptions for anything needing one. I suggest all you other site users do the same - not only to be a winner, but to make the site even better.

    Kindest regards,


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    Thanks for your support Steve. That's what this site is all about! It would be nothing without the contributions of the visitors
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      Very true and i thouught i hadnt seen you round much. Glad ya doing ok
      Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional