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  • Save our scheme!

    I saw this in my friends blog, at and felt compelled to try and help him out a bit. Please read.....

    "Hi all, yes I'm still here
    The reason I've been absent is because I have been very busy.

    The Befriending Scheme For Mental Health for which I work is a local charity based in the county of Leicestershire providing social group and and befriending services.

    These services have been provided by the scheme for over 20 years and are currently helping clients with various degrees of mental health issues. Examples of this are encouraging more social inclusion by visiting places with clients whom would normally stay indoors or providing a listening ear for people whom would not in any other circumstances talk about their problems.

    I am a qualified befriender and have also been helping to run the social groups, attend meetings etc whilst the management dealt with the tendering procedure.

    Earlier this year, the scheme had to tender for renewing of the contract to continue with these services. We have recently been informed that the scheme was unsuccessful in that tender

    We feel very strongly that the scheme SHOULD be allowed to continue as they have been credited with providing a first class service and have already helped numerous people to overcome their issues. They have also been used as a role model for similar schemes around the country.

    Therefore the clients and befrienders have created a petition which is being widely distributed including online.

    And so I am asking my friends if they will sign the online petition...

    PETITION AGAINST REPLACING THE BSFMH Petition : [ powered by ]

    I know that organisations fold or are taken over every day and you are under no obligation to sign. However I have seen the work that the scheme does from BOTH sides and I would hate to see it go.

    So if you can, please sign. Not only that but please ask your family, friends, neighbours and pass on this link. The more signatures, the better.

    Will you support us?

    Hope to be blogging more regular in future


    See ya!!! "

    This service has and will help so many people now and in the future, so please help my friend by signing this petition and help keep this service alive. Thank you.
    Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional