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new BBC series seeks time travellers!

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  • new BBC series seeks time travellers!

    Hi all,

    I've had permissione to post! i just wanted to let you know about a new BBC series i'm working on that I thought might appeal, and see if any of you fancy applying...

    Remember your first Atari console, the Walkman and the mini disc?
    Would you like to revisit the wonder of the Teasmade and the Trimphone?
    Have you ever wondered how much technology has changed our lives?

    The BBC is making a new series about the history of technology and seeks a family to go back to the future!

    Are you a family of gadget lovers?

    Do you rely on technology in your day-to-day life?

    Are you interested in modern history and how technology has transformed the family home?

    Would you like the chance to show your children how much life has changed since your childhood?

    If you are a home owning family with preferably three children between the ages of 8-18 and you’d like to travel back to 1970 for a new factual television series then please get in touch.

    Call or email LAURA
    020 7241 9308

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    Re: new BBC series seeks time travellers!

    I can't take part as i'm in Australia and have no kids but I do belong to an online community with plenty of ideal candidates.

    I'll give them the heads up to see if they're interested, if that's okay?


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      Re: new BBC series seeks time travellers!

      that would be wonderful - thanks!