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looking for yesterdayland

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  • looking for yesterdayland

    hi all, im looking for yesterdayland
    i found this place and
    but it seems yesterdayland is gone
    can anyone help me out?

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    Hey Susie...i found this that you may want to read

    "stéphane dumas" <stephdumas@[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in messagenews:<_JBja.29057$5J.332838@[EMAIL PROTECTED]>...> I just inform you than Yesterdayland had closed their doors, the reasonsare> explained on this message located at a mailing list> (you have tosubscribe> to read the message homever)> > Meanwhile I found a back-up copy at the Internet archives> at> we> could still check about our cartoons and animes of Yesterday thanks to> Internet archives> I wish to see an other group will plan to revive Yesterdayland (and noone> will stole the Yesterdayland url to sell to someone else) I found a sitea> bit similar to Yesterdayland called Nostalgia Central at>> > thanks for reading> > Stéphane DumasToo bad. I was a member of theirs (Steve Carras 1960-the year I wasborn) Of course I could only post to MEMORIES and not to MESSAGEBOARDS, for some inane reason, missing ID value, whatever that meantunless just a sign of its current state.RIP.The nostalgia board youc ite is British based-ergo My lack offamiliarity at first blush with many shows then it gave detailed lookseven at stuff like Penelope Pitstop. But it's no replacement foryesterdayland.Just IMHO of course.
    I'd rather hear the bad truth than a good lie


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      Anyone seen ? Nice the way people have such goodwill towards teachers they thuoght they'd hate forever back in school.
      Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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        wow thanks aidan...i found all my old schools
        I'd rather hear the bad truth than a good lie


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          Ooohh i found the highschool i started just before we moved over here, Counthill in sign of my old primary school tho
          Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional