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  • Mivvi Ice Creams

    Mivvi Ice Creams were made originally by Lyons Maid. They were an ice-cream centre with a fruit ice outer shell and were available in orange at first but later strawberry and raspberry were added as alternative flavours.Walls made a similar lolly called a Split I think. I seem to remember this was also available in pineapple. Mivvis are still around, only now they're made by Nestle.

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    Re: Mivvi Ice Creams

    I remember these as a kid. The strawberry ones were my favourites, we used to call them strawberry splits so I guess it must have been the Walls ones we had. I do remember them as Mivvis though.
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      Re: Mivvi Ice Creams

      I love Mivvi's or Splits. I remember that the hard part of eating one was the outside would sometimes come off in great big bits and the loast bit of ice cream always wanted to fall into your lap. I think I remember a raspberry one that had a bumpy surface ??
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        Re: Mivvi Ice Creams

        Each Mivvi has 106 calories . Fat percentage is fairly low but sugars a little high. There is a very small amount of salt . Has natural colour and natural flavour . Ingredients have nothing too bad for you . 38% of the strawberry outer shell is strawberry puree .
        Clotted cream is only 1.5% but at least there's a little Suitable for vegetarians . I like this ice cream very much.