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    This was an ITV sitcom on in 1976, starring David Jason. Like Only Fools And Horses, Lucky Feller was set in South-East London, and David Jason played an underdog and loveable loser, who was always counting his blessings. There are two brothers: a sex god (Randolph Mepstead, played by Peter Armitage) and a shy nerd (Shorty Mepstead, played by Jason). The nerd is in love with a girl (Cheryl Hall); the girl is infatuated with Randolph. But the real star of this show was the three-wheeler bubble car (perhaps another precursor for Delboy's Robin Reliant).

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    Re: Lucky Feller

    I used to love that series -

    I remember the last ever episode, he was waiting at the altar for her and the brides car pulled up, he knelt at the front grinning up at the cross while the theme played "Oh Boy I'm lucky; I'll say I'm lucky etc" and he could hear footsteps coming towards him.

    Sickly grin of delight and thankfulness as he waited to be married to his dream girl

    The camera moved back and right behind him, charging to knock his block off, was the brides father - outraged cos his daughter was pregnant ( to the other brother but nobody except us viewers knew that)

    Fade out ... the end.


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      Re: Lucky Feller

      was the forerunner to only fools and horses