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    Any chance of a sports section to discuss sports events of the past?

    Would be great to relive some of the finest moments in sport with users online

    Bothams Ashes
    Faldo winning the British Open etc.
    Sunderland AFC 1973
    Daley Thompson
    Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge

    There are lots more events that people will remember as well.
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    Most memorable :
    Taylor/Davis Crucible '85 ( & I like Steve )
    France/Germany World Cup '82
    Ricky Villa FA Cup '81
    World Cup '90, the month-long party it sparked off in Ireland
    Borg/McEnroe Wimbledon Final
    Man Utd's Treble '99
    Liverpool's CL win this year ( tho I was sick )
    The Grand National that wasn't '93

    ...and you won't want to get me started on Kilkenny hurling !
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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      Argentina - England quarterfinal in the Mexico world cup of 1986 ... The "Hand of God"


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        Thought your Euro ' 04 win would have topped the lot Lothar !
        Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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          Haha, It does But the euro '04 is very recent compared to the "70s 80s 90s" sports we discuss here, so i recalled something i remember very well from the 80s

          However, im sure that i will never forget the "crazy summer of 2004", no matter how many years pass - thats what we call it here in Greece, because what we were seeing then was so hard to believe ... it was like living a dream

          Funny. I expected to remember the year 2004 because of the olympics ... haha


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            Like ourselves though, ye won't be at the World Cup this year - will we be nice & root for England ?!
            Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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              Yeah we will not be in the world cup, and the failure falls more to the coach ( Rehaggel ) because he had so much faith to his 2004 team ( perhaps too much faith ) so he could not see the the problems . When he saw them it was too late. However Rehaggel ( or "King Otto" as many call him ) cannot be considered a failed coatch ( how could he be? He was the mastermind behind the euro '04 victory ) and so he remains in the team until the end of euro 2008, then he will retire.