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Being able to change thread titles after a thread has been created

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  • Being able to change thread titles after a thread has been created

    The late Sir Michael Parkinson has a lot to answer for!

    I would like the chance to change a thread's title just after a thread has been created for the benefit of having made a mistake, or indeed, to avoid repetition within the time limit that one has. I had started an obituary thread on the late Sir Michael Parkinson, paying tribute to the great man in detail, only to find that 80sChav had beaten me to it, some 45 minutes before! I only saw it for the first time when I had posted mine. It's the first time this has happened! No disrespect to 80sChav; thank you so much for starting the thread, although had I have known that he was to start a thread on Parkinson and that it was already on there at midday when I started mine, I wouldn't have started mine in the first place and I would have posted my obituary in that one.

    Rather than ask for mine to be deleted, I had a brainwave and I decided to pay tribute to someone else; the very first UK Eurovision Song Contest entrant. The problem I had was that I was unable to change the forum's thread title and Parkinson's name couldn't be changed. I would like to thank the Admin for swiftly helping me out and changing the name of the thread to the now correct person's name, but just in case I need to change the name of the thread for the benefit of making it more relevant or to correct a mistake, (and this has only happened once since I have been here).

    Basically, I am asking whether it can be made possible to change a thread's title within the time limit if one makes a mistake, because we all make mistakes from time to time!

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