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    Love Northern without claiming to be an expert. I'm a bit too young to have caught it first time around in the 70s. Would've likely cost me a fortune buying the records. Have about fifty re-release singles but most of my stuff is on cd compilations. I've looked on Northern forums from time to time for tips on what's good but wouldn't dare offer an opinion. They tend to really know their stuff and spot a newbie instantly.
    Had a compilation with a dvd as part of the package. I can't recall the song but they had a guy from Wales being interviewed. He had a 7" single in hand that he'd recently bought for about 6000. He was really pleased to have it after pursuing it for several years. Then cut to an elderly black American guy who'd recorded the song. Couldn't really recall where and when he'd done it. Would've been paid a flat fee which immediately went on life essentials etc. The look on his face was priceless when informed someone had just paid six grand for it.


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      Without any dout i love dancing in northern soul song


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        Was April Stevens a Northern Soul act? I have listened to her 1967(?) hit Wanting You on YT - Gem AM used to play it now and again, often on the late Brian Tansley's shows at the weekend. She also sung the Teach Me Tiger song from a few years previously which turned up in a 1997 Whiskas catfood advert.

        Stevens' birthday was in April as well, and sadly she died in April last year as well.

        I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
        There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
        I'm having so much fun
        My lucky number's one
        Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!