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  • Looking for a board game

    Hi I am new here, I have been trailing the internet for a while looking for a board game I had when I was a kid.

    I vaguely recall it being called the legend of Zordon, but i think i may be getting it confused with some thing else. this was probably late 1990-99 although I cannot recall the exact year.

    from what i remember of it, there was this black rock/mountain which spoke to you when u pressed the buttons for the wizard, warrior. ect,
    there were these plastic lands what i called islands and figurers. I recall there where also cards with it i think they each had a chest on the back.

    I shall try to recall more details but for now that is all i can remember.

    Any help in narrowing down this game would be very appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for a board game

    Legend of Zagor?


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      Re: Looking for a board game

      Originally posted by Gothic View Post

      A thousand thank yous.

      that's the one, I recognise the islands.

      Thank you so much.