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Help! Anyone remember this interactive game/toy?

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  • Help! Anyone remember this interactive game/toy?

    Does anybody remember the name of this toy/game?
    I've searched far and wide for this game and I’m started to think it didn’t even exist. It’s hard to describe.

    It it was sort of an interactive toy from the 90s? Or very early 00s?. It was a hard plastic shelled tablet shape with a cartoon map of a little town, the map wasn’t a digital screen just a stationary cartoon picture. It had 3? Different coloured taxi cars on the map. You would press the picture of one taxi and it would say “take me to the pizzeria” for example, then you would have to touch the taxi and drag your finger along the map road to the destination while it played this little tune.

    Its hard to google and i can find no trace of the toy! Help please!