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Help Identify this 80s/90s Fantasy/Rogue Game Please

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  • Help Identify this 80s/90s Fantasy/Rogue Game Please

    Hello Everyone,

    My dad came home with fantasy/rogue type board game he had got from a car boot sale (UK) when i was a kid in the early 90s (i think). I dont think i ever got to play it with anyway but loved it anyway.
    Unfortunately i can barely remember any details about it so need your help to make me remember.

    The things i remember:
    1) A Board with some sort of fantasy land on it, about the scale of a map, lots of green, maybe mountains
    1) LOTS of small cardboard counters around 1cm square, i think there were characters, creatures, weapons e.g. axe and items you could collect. Some counters slightly larger 1.5 cm2. Perhaps there were even other counters. But the main memory of this was a LOT of carboard counters, maybe 200. Im positive the counters had little numbers in at least one of the corners signifying stats or something.
    2) MAYBE a light blue colour box
    3) MAYBE a hexagon printed board
    4) Definately not a mainstream game like warhammer or the likes.

    I know this isnt a lot to go on but has anyone got any ideas?

    Thankyou in advance

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    There were a lot of fantasy/war board games released throughout the 80's and, although it's probably not the one you were thinking of, a game I found in a charity shop, with a green map and hundreds of small cardboard tokens, was "Kingmaker".
    The map though was of the British Isles, rather than a fantasy land.

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      Hmmm... it's a bit of a stretch but could you be talking about Talisman? I do remember the older editions had cardboard heroes in plastic stands rather than miniatures.


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        Are there any updates? I would like to download them before installing the base one. And yes, the login is not readable after the updates, could that be the problem? What about the saved process after updates, could it be a glitch? It's important to me to save the payouts and I don't want to lose gameplay

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