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Looking for a 90s board game!

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  • Flash Gordon
    If it was electronic/talking then it must have been high budget and, as such, a well known manufacturer, although I'm from that era and it doesn't ring a bell. Boardgamegeek is a good site to go for answers.

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  • norafrase84
    started a topic Looking for a 90s board game!

    Looking for a 90s board game!

    My wife and I were sitting around talking about old board games we played in the 90s. She is racking her brain trying to remember the title of one of her favorites.

    The description she gave is as follows: Electronic (talking) board game. Geography based. She thinks you rolled a dice that told you which continent to land on. Once there, you had to answer question or series of questions in order to gain some sort of voucher. If usps trackingyou landed back on it later and failed to answer your new question, your opponent could attempt to answer and steal your voucher. It referred to Australia/New Zealand as Oceania.

    Any of these sound familiar?
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