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Games set in the 80s?

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  • Games set in the 80s?

    One of my most favourite games this year was Hotline Miami, I thought it was brilliant in so many ways (especially the soundtrack). Also my favourite film is Drive even though it might not be set in the 80s it definitely was intended to have that 80s vibe.VidMate

    So can anyone think of any games (except for GTA Vice City, already played that a hell of a lot) that are set in the 80s or have that certain "vibe" to them?
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    Corruption by Magnetic Scrolls was produced in 1988, and set in 1988 in London. It's theme centres around stockbroking after the Big Bang and (the notorious) Section 178 of the Financial Services Act 1986.

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    The game even features a BMW E30 3 series. The red car is your business partner's Porsche.

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    You can blow up your BMW if you really want to!

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      Well for me there was the Miami vice like “outrun”, and then “chase HQ” on the PC there was the sequel to the brilliant interstate ‘76 that was interstate ‘82


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        There were a number of games that were licences of films or TV programmes - such as Robocop. Also, those based around popular activities - such as skateboard and BMX racing simulators.


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          The bigger question is why did you make an account to copy/paste a question posted on Reddit 8 years ago?

          For everyone else curious to the subject.....If we’re talking modern games similar to Hotline Miami 1 and 2, then I’d recommend the following:
          Party Hard - tactical murder sim where you play as a loner in a dance environment (nightclubs, fancy boats, mansions) and have to meticulously take out the whole party without getting busted. Catchy soundtrack too.
          The Warriors - granted, it’s 1979, but it’s an excellent game of the cult film.
          Yakuza 0 - not played it myself but the whole series is very popular and this one is set in the 80s.
          Vice City and VC Stories are really the most well regarded 80s videogame homages though, until Rockstar finally go back to Vice City in GTA 6 (hopefully)