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  • Please help...

    I am using a NYKO airflow controller, but since I was having problems with the "enable controller" option on UT2004... everytime I went to the character selection screen, or to the actuall game, it would just move the screen/character upwards perpetually.

    Anybody know why?

    Anyway, so I'm using Joystick2Mouse application, and sometimes when I'm playing at the press of certain buttons, I hear those annoying sounds that the Windows makes when you are pressing the keyboard to hard or you pressed a key that you shouldn't have...

    Please help me out here.

    I don't know if it's that, because when I use that special weapon, it keeps making the sound.
    Could it be the graphycs or sound acceleration settings in the game?

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    Re: Please help...

    No idea. Have you tried talking to Nyko's customer support?


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      Re: Please help...

      Hi richard, thanks.
      I solved the problem.

      1- The movement was just due to the settings, as I enabled the controller and was using an adaptor at the same time, and when both are activated simulataniously, they interfere with eachother.
      So i had to disable the controller in the game it-self, but just use the joystick2mouse app, and now it's working fine.

      2- The sounds are the weapons is sound effects, so nothing to worry about here.