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The Crying Boy painting

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    Originally posted by Cartimand View Post

    Do you chat on the Forteana forums too?
    I've just come from there!
    Ah... PERSEC, sorry.


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      Apparently, the original Crying Boy was a Firestarter, no kidding.


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        Originally posted by Guillotine View Post
        It seems that all the magical things you talked about were all invented by you, friend. And the fact that your mother is superstitious is even worse for you because you are now talking about unproven things. The fire you were talking about because of the painting is nonsense because it's just a coincidence. I don't like to discuss such things because it's already the 21st century, and I thought people who believe in them have already died out. Even though I'm an artist and love dreaming, I still don't understand people like you. And by the way, I recently bought a new kit for drawing on paint by numbers, and your story inspired me to draw something mystical.
        I know that you are a one-post wonder and have not come back since (many years later), but I have just re-read some of the comments on this thread and thought that I would write an addendum.

        I haven't invented anything here - perhaps it had all been invented by the media and those who had experienced those house fires, and they were the ones that put two and two together? - was it a coincidence that those fires happened when the picture was hung on their living room walls? I am just relaying what was mentioned at the time because this is indeed a forum where we talk about things that have happened in the past, and so there is no time limit as to what to go on about. I still think of it now and again as we did briefly have a copy of that picture. If it had up to me back then, I wouldn't have even gone inside that shop back in 1985 - I just don't know why they had purchased that picture back then, and as they are both no longer with us, I can no longer ask them.
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