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It’s Snowing!

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  • It’s Snowing!

    The recent weather made me remember school days in the classroom.
    it would start snowing and someone in class would always announce it with glee ,causing the whole class to avert their attention to the window.
    the next comment would be either an exited “and it’s lying” or a disappointed grumble “it’s not lying though”.
    rushing out at playtime to make snowballs whatever the snowfall be it proper powder or even slushy mess .

    I recalled this to my Son who laughed and nodded knowingly that exactly the same scenarios occurred in his school days

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    It never seems to snow when songs about snow are played on the radio, does it?

    BBC Radio Nottingham's Snowline used to be used in the late 1980s and early 1990s, telling us which schools and events are cancelled due to the snow - of course, these days, it still happens but they are cancelled due to coronavirus. We even had a power cut in around 1991 because of the snow as well.

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