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  • Ajax cream cleaner

    Another product brand name that we don't see anymore either in supermarkets or in cupboards under the sink is Ajax - they were advertised on TV well into the 1990s, and I even remember the mirrored advert showing the Ajax bottle back-to-front along with the onscreen caption. Remember the "Xaja Diuqil - Etihw ro Nomel" onscreen? Geoffrey Palmer did the voiceover, although even Jeremy Beadle of all people voiced an advert from around the same time (1988-ish) with bearded Scotsman in a kilt, almost getting more than he actually bargained for courtesy of the clean floor.

    Funnily enough, Ajax came to mind because of its differently-pronounced but spelt-the-same namesake football club which was in the European Football league in around 1978-1979 when Nottingham Forest were playing them and Brian Clough became an institution. There was some graffiti around that time close to the City Ground in Nottingham which had "Forest wipes the floor with Alax" written on a nearby wall, also referring to the clean cleaner. Nigel Rees' Graffiti paperbacks included it which I got from a car boot sale in the early 1990s. The cream cleaner was pronounced "Age-axe", but the football club was pronounced "Eye-axe" (sounds rather painful), but were both spelt exactly the same.

    I don't recall it being advertised since the 1990s, but it made me wonder whether it has a different name these days, a la Snickers, Starburst, and so on - I believe that they were made by the same company as Flash and Jif (now Cif).
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