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video game trading cards from the 1990s

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  • video game trading cards from the 1990s

    does anyone remember trading cards based on videogames, i remember they were black cards with a picture of the game and then a small discription. i only has about two but can't think what they were.
    i think there were also street fighter stickers anyone remember them, i covered my lunchbox with them.
    any pics would be brill

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    Re: video game trading cards from the 1990s

    I can't say I remember anything about the videogame cards but I remember the Street Fighter 2 sticker collection which was followed up a few years later with the Super Street Fighter set. Not only did I love the Street Fighter stickers themselves but the actual albums were pretty cool, had some really nice character artwork in there from what I remember.

    On the subject of game cards though does anybody remember the Nintendo cards/stickers that were given away free in Kellog's cereal in the early 90's? I remember these being fairly decent, there were quite a few to collect and featured the likes of Doctor Mario, Metroid and Donkey Kong.