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Early 80's star wars moving picture toy.

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  • Early 80's star wars moving picture toy.

    I started thinking about my old bedroom today and this lead me on to the star wars wallpaper I use to have on the wall, to my great joy I've managed to find a picture of it.

    Anyway this lead me on to think about a toy I remember a boy at school having it must of been 81/82 as I was still at primary school.
    I remember looking into it and seeing the scene where Luke and Leia swing across a gap inside the death star (on my wallpaper you see luke firing his gun and leia behind him from the same scene)
    It was like a flick book but was pretty good tech for it's day, anybody know what it was?

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    I believe this is the process by which it works
    Their light of pocket torch, of signal flare,
    Licks at the edge of unsuspected places,
    While others scan, under an arc-lamp's glare,
    Nursery, kitchen sink, or their own faces.
    -Kingsley Amis


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      I had the Empire Strieks Back version of that wallpaper, my dad hated it, it was expensive and had a huge drop so you had to buy heaps of rolls for one wall. Then you had to line it up perfectly due to the pictures being so detailed. XD


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        I still play Star war games now