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Judy Dolls from Zodiac Toy Shops/ Sarah Louise Dolls

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    I don't remember these dolls unfortunately. In my childhood, my favorite toy was Minnie Mouse. But we moved often and of course I didn't manage to keep it. Although to this day I adore Minnie Mouse and now I watch cartoons about her with my daughter. Recently, my husband and I were looking for a special birthday gift for our baby. We thought we'd buy a doll, but our Tiffany doesn't play with them often. Then we decided to try to buy a cartoon character. And then I realized that the best gift for a little girl is Minnie Mouse.
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      Originally posted by Richard1978 View Post
      Re: Judy Dolls from Zodiac Toy Shops/ Sarah Louise Dolls

      This has a good write up of the history of Zodiac Toys, they were unfortunate to be taken over twice by owners who didn't really know how to run them, not to mention the competition from Toys R Us.

      I still occasionally pass by the shop which used to be the Stockport branch, which is now a salon.
      I loved Zodiac toys in Stockport...and then on Oct 10th 1988 Toys R Us opened on the Peel Centre znd that was that.


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        I think Zodiac had gone even before that date, Toy & Hobby was certainly in trouble after Toy R Us opened in Stockport.
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