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  • Aircraft carrier

    I had many hours of fun with this....

    It was an aircraft carrier that you placed at the bottom of your stairs and had a nylon line that you attached to something at the top of your stairs. You then launched an aircraft (a phantom i think) from the aircraft carriers deck using some sort of elastic thingy. It used to shoot up the line an when it couldnt go any further it used to turn around and glide back down. The aim of it was to land it on the deck using the hook that was on the bottom of the phantom. It must have been mid 70s time! Can't remember its name tho!!! Can u??? Did anyone else have one?

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    It's called Flightdeck

    I remember getting it for my 10th or 11th birthday so mid 70's. It was called flightdeck and at one end was a pulley that had to be attached to something high up. At the other end was a joystick in a min cockpit. As the plane (a harrier I think) came down the wire, you waggled the joystick to bring it down on the the flight deck. Ahhh, happy times.


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      I used to have one of these, and had hours of fun with it. I saw one for sale recently on ebay. I also had another similar game, which was a helicopter that was supported with a length of wire sticking out from a centre piece. You controlled the helicopter with two small levers and It would lift up and you took it round in a circle and could lift up certain objects with a hook on the bottom. I think it was called Whirly Bird.


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        There was also one called 'Super Flightdeck'


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          Remembering Flightdeck, but never got one, awwwwwww. My dad bought me Tank Command instead, which was naff really, and you pull a string to blow the tanks up.