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    Re: Scare Bear

    The heads were a bit fiddly for the kids to turn inside out so I spent quite a lot of time 'transforming' these things. I could recite the story tape with them word for word!


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      Re: WEREBEAR

      I had ITV on last night and on came an advert for Farmfoods. The advert shows a fella in a blue boiler suit walking down an aisle doin his shopping, something then caught my eye. As weird as this may sound, I could have sworn the bloke had the Werebear logo on the back of his boiler suit. Then lo and behold, at the very end of the advert, it shows a conveyor belt with loads of Werebears falling off it. I thought this was really weird, has anybody else caught this advert?

      My eyes kinda widened a bit because I was obsessed with having a Werebear as a kid and them popping up randomly in this advert seemed a bit strange. A nice blast from the past anyway!