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    It was nice to see Belushi's TV daughters post a then and now pic of themselves for fans of the show. Though the "younger sister" is prettier today IMHO.

    I have long believed that Jim Belushi has far MORE actual talent than his deceased brother ever had. John Belushi got by on brazen craziness, whereas Jim has a resume with variety. Jim has even appeared as the Pirate King in "The Pirates of Penzance."

    I first saw Jim Belushi in Curly Sue (I always thought Sue should have warned the lawyer lady who wants her as a daughter: "that sleaze ball wanting you for love doesn't have to do anything to you. He just has to get rid of *me*").
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    I first remember Jim Belushi from Delta House, a short-lived TV series based on the movie Animal House. The show also featured an unknown Michelle Pfeiffer. In the series Jim Belushi played the younger brother of the movie's Bluto character. Interestingly I remember watching the show and there was an advert for the US fast food chain Taco Bell which featured Jim Belushi as one of the restaurant staff. I immediately recognised his face.