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Woman falls down steps & spills oranges

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  • Woman falls down steps & spills oranges

    I have a vague memory of perhaps a Public Information Film? or maybe just an advert, of a woman wearing a headscarf, she falls down some steps & drops her bags of shopping. and oranges go bounding down the road ... Gave me nightmares! Any ideas of this is real or just my over-active imagination

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    Re: Woman falls down steps & spills oranges

    This is the only one I remember which could be yours?


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      Re: Woman falls down steps & spills oranges

      Yeah, I remember this one. It's concrete steps if I recall with a wall around them a few feet high, maybe a bridge over a busy road.

      I might be mixing two adverts up together but isn't she with a little kid? She falls down the stairs, oranges go rolling down the stairs into the road and the kid starts crying.

      It used to give me nightmares as well that advert, maybe i'm confusing the kid being there by remembering me imagining it happening to my mum when we were out shopping or something.

      Hmm, weird.


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        I remember this as well. I’ve been trying to find it for years. It’s not the one in the you tube clip.

        I can’t remember why she fell down the stairs and it has puzzled me for a long time


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          It sounds like an advert which has an Italian or Greek setting, although I am confusing it with something else.

          Not an advert, but I know that Casualty did a similar storyline in the mid 1990s with an elderly person falling down the stairs at home with a load of fruit or potatoes noisily toppling down them as well as she was carrying them up to an upstairs flat
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