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AA or RAC "pity they didn't stop for a nightcap" advert - mid to late 1980s?

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  • AA or RAC "pity they didn't stop for a nightcap" advert - mid to late 1980s?

    There was this advert from the mid to late 1980s which involved a young couple breaking down in the middle of nowhere at night and finding their way outside some huge old haunted house which was owned by some eccentric man wearing pyjamas and a cap on. The couple knock on his door, he lets them in and allows them to dial either the AA or RAC. Minutes later, the breakdown people come and tow away the couple's car with the couple going with them, and the eccentric man saying at the end of the advert, either with a glass of wine or a candle in hand, saying "pity they didn't stop for a nightcap".

    I only remember the advert at the end because of the tagline at the end, and I believe that it was for some motor breakdown organisation such as the AA or RAC. I am not confusing it with the "Kevin, where exactly did you bury the car?" "In the sand, Dad - I am not helping much, am I?" or the brown trousers man (who reminded me of a cross between Roger McGough and Jasper Carrott) peering into the smoky engine with the women in the back who keep saying to the driver "he's a very nice man" "no, he's a very, very, very nice man" etc. It could have been an advert for one of those budget hotel places, but I am certain that it was for the AA or the RAC.

    I have not seen it in any YouTube advert complications, although it was an advert that would have been shown during the ad breaks of films and all that. Does anyone remember it?
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