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  • Grandma Pie Advert

    I remember an pair of adverts for a ready made pie.
    The theme was an angry grandmother feeling rejected that her family are having pies from a store.
    The first advert had a grandmother in a rocky chair having a flashback to her at dinner with her family eating the said pies and her sad expression as she would have made pies for them, returning to the present she decides to commit revenge on her family by knitting jumpers and scarfs and the shot has her with tons of her knitting ready as she evilly laughs and lighting strikes.
    'possible' line
    "if they don't want my baking then they can have my knitting, every Christmas, every birthday, every Friday"
    The second advert has a young man with one of the said pies, his grandma comes in and she angrily starts hitting with her baking gloves on saying that she makes the pies in the house as he calls for help.
    UK Advert unsure of the brand I doubt it was Pukka
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    Re: Grandma Pie Advert

    I’m determined to find this ad - I think it’s fun to see how people’s recollections match up to an ad they haven’t seen in years. Approximately when do you think the ad was running?


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      Re: Grandma Pie Advert

      I think it was 2000's as I was in Secondary School


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        Re: Grandma Pie Advert

        That advert was on TV in the 2000s or even the early 2010s, although she actually said "Tuesday" instead of "Friday".
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