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Batchelor's Super Noodles Hand Advert

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  • Batchelor's Super Noodles Hand Advert

    So another memory, from the 90's there was a brief advert for Batchelor's Super Noodle's where they had a disembodied hand with the sleeve of a chef's white, it would wave it's finger and it would turn things into noodles like a dog's bone or the legs of a chair. The time the ad must have been on was after the 1993 Addams Family like ad and the mixture of different comic ads like Jake Wood's one and Martin Freeman's one .
    I remembered also for it's brief time that the hand appeared on the packaging for Super Noodles as well for the instructions.
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    I love the Pot Noodle-inspired Super Noodles in a pot that Tesco and other supermarkets are now selling.

    The 1980s adverts for Super Noodles can be seen in several off-air ad breaks on YouTube, and it's interesting that Kellogg's used to make them until Batchelor's took over production. I know that David "Diddy" Hamilton did the voiceover for the advert circa 1985 and someone with a Radio 1-alike DJ voice also did an advert as well. And it sounded like Ruby Wax singing in the advert, although I might be wrong.

    I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
    There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
    I'm having so much fun
    My lucky number's one
    Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!