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Bread - Any bread is good for you

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  • Bread - Any bread is good for you

    That's all I remember from this ad. I guess it was issued by the bread equivalent of the milk-marketing board?

    Weird thing is I remember it - 25 years later! Now I'm interested in undrstanding a bit more about generic advertising/marketing versus branded advertising and I'd be interested in any more info about this bread ad - probably from the late 70's / early 80's on UK TV. Anyone have any ideas?

    If I remember right - it was running pretty much at the same time as the Hovis "boy and bike" ad. Hovis were promoting the "wholemeal" brown-bread thing while this generic ad was pushing bread in general - interesting situation if you're interested in marketing - otherwise completely irrelevant.

    I'd love a copy of the ad if anyone has one by some remote chance?

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    Re: Bread - Any bread is good for you

    Yep I think that ad was running in the late 70s.A good job too that any bread was good for you because going back to the early seventies I seem to remember that there were only about two varieties stocked at most shops both were white ,both were sliced,Nimble(for the slimmers) and Mother's Pride either in the red paper packaging(thin sliced)or blue paper packaging(thick sliced)(no see through polythene then).The move to browns and wholemeals was only just starting.

    The adverts for the aforementioned brands in the early seventies were,'She flys like a bird 'song backing a model in a balloon (Nimble) and the slogan Mother's Pride a Family a Family of Bread set to a tune(Mother's Pride)
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