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  • Accrington Stanley - Exactly

    In 1989, a Milk Marketing Board advert put Accrington Stanley on the map, world wide, with a cheeky snotty nosed Scouse kid told his mate that if he didn't drink his milk he would only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley. Who are they asked his mate, and the reply "Exactly!"

    The lad in the advert was also at the game on Saturday, specially invited. He is now a scriptwriter and stand up comic, Carl Rice is his name.

    Founder members of the Football League in 1888, Accrington FC merged with Stanley Villa to become Accrington Stanley in 1893. In 1962 they resigned from the League with debts of 63000, loads a money in those days! In 1968 the supporters reformed the club and 2 years later joined the Lancashire Combination. Chairman Eric Whalley, ex player manager, bought the club for 80,000 in 1995 and vowed to take them back into the Football League, their birthplace. This weekend, against Woking, they achieved this ambition with a 1-0 win scored by striker Paul Mullin, a one club man of 312 games.

    Goalkeeper Rob Elliot, on loan from Charlton, had to make a double penalty save as the referee ordered it retaken.

    Welcome back Accrington!


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    Yeah, good to see AS back, they were always the horrible example of what could happen to clubs ( like Leeds !) who mismanage the books. Last sunday's Times had a where-are-they-now of the '62 team.
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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      lol i remeber that advert!
      Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional


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        You forgot the first bit ...

        Ian Rush says if i dont drink my milk..........

        Ahh the good old days )


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          Originally posted by Woffski
          You forgot the first bit ...

          Ian Rush says if i dont drink my milk
          sorry, thought swearing was not allowed