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The flight of dragons

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  • The flight of dragons

    FLIGHT OF DRAGONS is an animated movie based on the book by Peter Dickinson.
    In this movie the realm of magic is being threatened by the realm of logic, so Carolinus, the green wizard decides to shield it for all time. Ommedon, the evil red wizard, stands in his way.

    Carolinus then calls for a quest that is to be led by a man named Peter Dickinson, who is the first man of both the realms of science and magic. It is Peter's job to defeat Ommedon

    The film is from 1982

    it stars.

    victor buono /aragh voice

    james gregory/bryagh/smrgol voice

    james earl jones /ommadon voice

    harry morgan /carolinus voice

    john ritter/peter dickensen voice

    larry storch/pawnbroker voice

    don messick/Giles of the Treetops / Lo Tae Zhao voice

    bob mcfadden Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe voice as Robert McFadden

    ed peck voice

    jack lester vioice

    alexandra stoddart/Princess Melisande voice

    nellie bellflower/danielle voice

    this is a film i just love.
    was wowed when i first saw it over 20 yrs ago and i still love it.
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    Re: The flight of dragons

    There was a program on tv some years ago about computer animation.They showed a small piece of a film which at the time I thought was based on one of anne mccathery's dragons of pern books.I assume it was from the early 80's.I have looked for this film but with no luck.Could it be the Flight of Dragons that was shown in this computer animation program?Did this film rely partly on computer animation?


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      Re: The flight of dragons

      could be a couple of things, including flight of dragons, the hobbit, lord of the rings animated. Flight of dragons though was mainly animation.


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        Re: The flight of dragons

        I can remember the lord of the rings when it came out.I paid a hefty price for it on video then eagerly waited for the second part which never arrived.Such a pity as althow it had so many flaws it was really good for the time it was made in.

        I have a feeling the computer imagery was used partly for the scenery and background,and the rest was conventional stills animation.So long ago.I really need to find out if that computer animation program has been posted on u-tube but it may take some time to find it.