I am looking for the TV film, The Talking Parcel on DVD. The film has great sentimental value to me.

The Talking Parcel was done by Cosgrove Hall in 1978 and premiered on TV on Boxing day in 1978 and included some wonderful voice overs by Mollie Sugden, Roy Kinnear(Ethelred the toad),and the great Windsor Davies. At times the backgrounds appear to vaguely resemble Roger Dean artwork(Album cover art). It's a great children's film mostly forgotten these days. It was released on VHS in the early 80's but good useable copy's these days are quite scarce. It has been placed onto U-Tube and well worth a good look if you love British animation.But the quality is not very high.


As I said earlier the film has great sentimental value and I would dearly love to add it to my Animation/cartoon film collection. Does anybody know if it has been officially released on DVD yet and if it has where to get a copy?