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    We all have heard of the films 'Full Metal Jacket' and the 'Deer Hunter' and the like but what about the Vietnamese/Korean movies from their viewpoint?

    + Đất khổ

    + Người t́nh không chân dung

    + Vĩ tuyến 17 ngày và đêm = Life of Vietnamese living on both sides of the 17th parallel that splits Vietnam into North and South

    + Girl From Hanoi/Operation Linebacker

    + The Abandoned Field Free Fire Zone = An "unnerving and compelling .. subjective-camera-eye-view" of life under helicopter fire in the Mekong Delta. The film cuts to an (American) "helicopter-eye view", contrasting painfully with the human tenderness seen earlier.

    + Ván bài lật ngửa = Biopic of the North Vietnamese spy Pham Ngoc Thao

    + Coordinates of Death = Stranded Soviet sailors witness American war brutality

    + Hà Nội 12 ngày đêm = Operation/Linebacker

    + Giải phóng Sài G̣n (Liberate Sai Gon) = Fall of Saigon

    + Sống trong sợ hăi (Living in Fear) = A Vietnamese farmer is supporting two families after the end of the war - one in the north, which he abandoned after fleeing during the war, and his new family in the south. To get enough money he sets on to re-cultivate a field full of mines. His life and psyche is changing while he removes each mine by himself.

    + Sunny = Wife of South Korean serving in Vietnam takes job as singer to be near her husband

    + Ode to my Father = The main character and his best friend serve in the Vietnam War.

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    Do you really believe the other side without provocation would launch so many ICBM's, subs and ships knowing that we would have no option to launch as well? It would break our MAD Treaty (Mutually Assured Destruction) not to mention the end of the world as we know it.