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1980s science fiction

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  • 1980s science fiction

    Might be late 1970s.
    I saw it during the video rental boom.
    Set in contemporary United States.
    Young guy (late teens) discovers he can teleport (I think). Or it could be time shifting.
    He gets into trouble with his mother when she learns she is usuing the power she has too - but refuses to use because it is evil-Satanic. (Maybe).

    Sorry for being so vague. This is about the last film I have that troubles me. I have searched science fiction films and asked on the film forums to no avail so it would be a big deal if anyone can help.

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    Re: 1980s science fiction

    Wait, that sounds familiar. I haven't watched it back then as I would have been a toddler in the early 80s, but that is something I caught glimpses of when I was at a hotel in Germany last year, I had to go and conduct insurance estimations for some of this Munich real estate and it was shown on TV while I was talking with my wife on the phone. Now, of course, I don't remember the channel or the name of the movie, but ... it exists, I've seen it too and am now curious as well.


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      Re: 1980s science fiction

      Was it about Astral Projection rather then teleporting maybe? - I remember there were a few films about that at the time.