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Tim Thomerson;- **Trancers, Dollman, Nemesis**

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  • Tim Thomerson;- **Trancers, Dollman, Nemesis**

    This guy is a great actor. Pity he rarely gets noticed outside of b-grade rated movies, as he's a brilliant character star with a lot of talent.

    I discovered him in Dollman, which is about a space cop who is only 13 inches on earth. He later helps a woman fight off gangsters that are causing trouble in her neighbourhood. And in the sequel, he teams up with a shrunken girl and a normal sized cop to fight a mob of evil possessed toys!!

    Trancers, I haven't seen yet, but there are like six of them now. Full Moon Entertainment keep this guy busy playing parts in their films...

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    Re: Tim Thomerson;- **Trancers, Dollman, Nemesis**

    Well ive never heard of him but the things you said he sbeen in sound interesting lol Especialy the 13inch space cop..would love to see that.
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