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Looking for a movie that had a torture scene

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  • Looking for a movie that had a torture scene

    I watched in 90s when I was a kid and remember a scene where 3 or 4 people were caught and tortured for information, one was a woman who was took somewhere else in the same building but she was brought to the dungeon where everyone else was and when she was took in a guy who think was her partner was down a block or something and this big Indian looking guy or whatever ethnicity he was, he was a big guy, he was hitting his back with an axe, the woman screamed in terror when she saw it and the guy was bearly moving and his was covered in blood. This pretty scary music played when she walked in. They eventually escaped somehow but I can't remember how. I think the film was set in some middle eastern country somewhere, I kept thinking it were one of the indiana jones films but I watched all and it wasn't

    I'm not sure what year this film was made but could've been 80s or slightly earlier