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Unknown Horror Film - Probably late 80's

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  • Unknown Horror Film - Probably late 80's


    This seems like a fun game so I'll give it a go, I remember watching a movie when I was a kid, I shouldn't have been watching it so I only saw the begining.

    A group of kids were doing an initiation ceremony in and old Church to make someone a member of their group. The church collapsed and killed one (or more) of the children, then, that child kept coming back (not sure for what reason). The only other scene I remember was at a fairground where one of the children who'd died appeared in the mirror in the hall of mirrors attraction.

    Anyone any clues?


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    Just an update, I'm saying it was late 80's. That's when I saw it on the TV in UK, it's probably a film from the 70's but I may be wrong.


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      Just in case anyone was wondering, it's most likely Disney's The Watcher in the Woods.

      Thanks to all those who racked their brains.


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        ive never heard of that film. Sounds interesting
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          yah me too never heard of that movie...sorry
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            I loved Watcher In The Woods, Bette Davies was in it playing the girls mum.
            There was a scene with a hall of mirrors and the missing girl was blindfolded

            That's right, the girl disappeared in a votex kind of thing and was missing for years. A new family moved into the town and the daughter looked like her and started seeing images of the other girl.
            To get her back the original children has to recreate the initiaton ceremony in an eclipse.
            That's not been on the telly in years, that takes me back - thanks !


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              I loved that film! It is repeated every so often and I always seem to be baking when it is on. It is now known as 'film to watch when baking'.