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does anyone remember this film?

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  • does anyone remember this film?

    it was about 2 young sisters both with dark hair who lived with their mother (i think)
    One day they went outside to play and a snow storm come in. The older sister got lost and i think was taken by some kind of witch or sumthing.
    She wasnt seen for years and everyone forgot about her accept the young sister.
    Years later i think she was found but didnt remember her family etc...that as much as i can remember...anyone got a clue, its driving me mad!!!!!!

    (im 26 and was really young when i used to watch it, 5 maybe 6)

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    Re: does anyone remember this film?

    So was it like set in modern times or middle ages or 'once upon a time-ish'?

    Anything else you can remember?