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Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

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    Yeah it def sounds like potty time. There were 'model scenes' (for want of a better description), a bit like the old 'flea circuses'. Mostly re-enactments of battles, tiny, little, invisible people would shout with equally tiny voices and tramp across the scenery, leaving footprints and other model items moving about, trees falling over, walls getting knocked down etc. Doesn’t seem to be much of the small models included in series one , there’s a couple of episodes on YT but they crept in during later series
    a couple of examples here
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      I am not sure tbh, but it sounds like (if it was on C4) a School's Prog, as part of that Network as both BBC2 nad C4 ran tons and tons of School's Progs "back in the day" all day from 9am until 2pm ..... worth wagging a Day Off school for in anybody's book I'd say (as I did often)!!