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    Watching modern TV dramas it occurred to me how many nowadays “flashback” .
    so many now to the point it’s becoming irritating
    I can’t recall many tv dramas made before the movie Momento where the storyline was not linear. It seems like the film set a trend where we were constantly reading caption of “three months earlier” and the like .
    for me it has become very tiresome

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    Re: Story lines

    I remember Ally McBeal often used to have flashbacks to when she was younger, or a previously on... teaser at the start of an episode to remind viewers of some plot elements that are relevant to the episode.
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      Re: Story lines

      It seems to be mostly an American thing, but when they do that, and obviously they go back to when an adult character was a child, a younger person would be drafted in to play the child version of that character.
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        Just started to watch the BBCs “serpent” and lo and behold it skips back and forth more than a charity shop LP.
        a good series but I fail to see any benefit as to why it’s been produced like this other than to be on trend.
        I think it would have been better made with a linear storyline


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          The 'previously on...' clips of previous episodes were always used in American TV to carch up whenever there was a 2-part episode. In the early 80s, starting around the era of shows like 'Dallas' and 'Hill Street Blues', they became a weekly part of the show.
          The non-linear storytelling is different, and has absolutely been done to death.