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Trying to identify a BBC (?) documentary-ish show from the late-90s

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  • Trying to identify a BBC (?) documentary-ish show from the late-90s


    I'm trying to remember a documentary we were shown in school in 1999, I don't think it was more than a year or so old at that point. Pretty sure it was a BBC show, possibly broadcast on BBC Two, but I might be wrong.

    It was a clip show presenting archive footage of news stories with captions putting them in context, covering the course of a few decades with pop music of the year being shown playing in the background. Occasionally there would be a cut from the news clips to part of the video of the song being played.

    I think it was part of a short series, with each episode being on a particular topic, and that the episode we were shown was on the environment. The one thing I really distinctly remember is that part of the 1980s section played "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and featured a small part of the video.

    I know that this is a long shot, but if anyone can remember what this show was you'll have my thanks.

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    Welcome to DYR Swordcorgi.....Oh, erm no, can't help sorry!
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!


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      Thanks for the welcome Tex.

      No worries. I kinda figured it was a massive longshot , the only reason the show left any impression on me at all was because of some other things that were going on in my life at the time we were shown it.


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        Sounds like The Rock n Roll Years

        Each episode was a collection of clips of news and music from a particular year. Years covered 1956-1989.

        Here's the episode for 1987. The song (clip) starts at 24:28.


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          AMAZING, thank you!!!