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Drama shown in 70s - Children's TV

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  • Drama shown in 70s - Children's TV

    Very sketchy memories of this one. It was a drama shown i am guessing around mid-70s. There was a family, it might have been set in Australia but not certain, and there was a strict father and about 4 or 5 kids, i dont think there was a mother around. I do remember the father shouting at the kids for very little reason and he was a total disciplinarian, however one of the daughters (may have been called Helen) started coughing up blood and the father was totally distraught and showed a different side of him. I was only very young at the time but remember my own older brother imitating the strict father. If anyone can assist with this i would be stunned! thanks in advance

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    maybe the Sullivan’s? only Ozzie thing I remember from that era
    Not children’s TV but shown at a time when Kids could watch it


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      It made me think of And Mother Makes Three / Five etc, but that was a sitcom (seen a couple of episodes on YT).
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